Monday, August 28, 2006

Best Friend Poem

My EX Best Friend
© By Sarah Asldkfhasl Fhsa
I called you yesterday
But you weren't home
You said you would call and I felt so alone
And since he's been in your life
It's like I'm not even there
You know what FORGET IT
I don't even care
We've been friends forever
And one guy comes in
And you forget all about me
Well that should be a sin
Your boyfriend or you best friend
I THOUGHT I would win
But since he's been here
I can't talk to you
It's like he's with you
For everything you do
I tried to be nice
And I tried to be fair
I wanted to talk
But you weren't there

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Poems about Friends

Friendship Poem

Perfect Water

© By Erica Linc

Sunlight plays with
The ripples on the lake.
Sunscreen coats me,
Shields me from the sun.
The musty, pent up smell
Of past summers emanates from
Banana life jackets.

Gentle buzzing crawls
Into my ears carried by the whisper of the wind.
Waves lap onto the shore,
Jostling the boat, giving it a hard time.
The motor roars to life
Spewing roiling clouds into the calm.

Majestically the boat cuts
Through the water,
Rolling waves left behind form it's cape.
Waters sprays on either side
Forming mini rainbows
That follows us like a multicolored entourage.
All the while the tube is being blown up,
Looking like a beached whale on top of green ropy sand.

The slightly cool water
Cradles me as I swim out to the now free whale.
My best friend Kristin is there with me
We're small enough to both be on the tube,
As long as we keep our balance.
We are now flying, gliding, and skidding,
On waves that don't look that friendly anymore.

I feel myself slipping, being ripped from the tube,
Kristin is the first to go,
Then me.
The water which looked like it would swallow me whole,
Lets me float easily, without even a bump on the way.
Laugher circles me like birds
And I swim to the tube for another go.

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